Language switchers

With Linguana, there are multiple options to implement a language switcher to your Webflow site.

1. Free Webflow language switchers

The fastest and easiest way is to use a free Webflow language switcher from our component library:​
Simply select the language switcher of your choice, click "Copy" and paste it in your Webflow project. You can then change the design and available languages based on your Linguana setup (we also have a full list of 250+ free country flags: for you to use).

2. Custom language switcher

It is very easy to implement a custom language switcher in your Webflow project. Any element with a link to the language directory subfolder (for example, linking to /es or /de) will automatically link to the corresponding language version of your website. In practice, this means an element like <a href="/es"> works as a language switcher.
By default, all relative URLs on translated page versions will be automatically linked correctly. We recommend you use relative URLs where possible (i.e. link to a page, not a custom URL), to not mislink the pages.