AI Credits

What are AI credits

AI credits are used for translating your website content with AI. They are an optional feature in Linguana, and are a 1-time purchase if you plan to use AI translations.

1 credit equals 1 translated word.

This means that if your website has 100.000 words, it will cost you 100.000 credits to AI translate. If you opted for the Lifetime or Business plan, you already received 100.000 credits to your account upon signup.

AI credits are not a subscription item, and will not add to your monthly cost. They are a pay-as-you-go, 1-time purchase, and can be purchased as you need them.

If you will be translating the website manually and not be using AI translations, you can do so without purchasing AI credits.


You can buy AI credits on or by clicking on your credits balance in the navigation bar.

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