Custom domains

To add a custom domain, you will first need to be subscribed to one of our paid plans. At that point, you can go to your project settings and click on the "Custom domains" tab.

You can add multiple custom domains.

Once a custom domain is added, you will need to follow the DNS setup by adding the DNS records shown there. A couple of things to note:

  • You will need to remove the default Webflow DNS records.

  • You will need to remove your custom domain from Webflow.

  • IMPORTANT: You will need to add linguana.[your-custom-domain] as a subdomain in Webflow, and publish your project to that subdomain.

    • For example, would be

Once done, you will need to publish your pages in Linguana to the new custom domain as well.

If you encounter any trouble and require further assistance setting up your custom domain, please contact us at

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