What is Linguana

The most advanced tool for multilingual Webflow sites
We built Linguana from the ground up to be a Webflow-specific solution. This way, we can achieve the best possible user experience, speed and SEO performance, as well as the most advanced feature set on the market, including:
  • Subdirectory structure:, etc.
  • AI translations: use AI credits to auto-translate your website
  • Translated slugs: ->
  • Meta data and OpenGraph translations
  • Image translations: upload different images for each language version, translate alt tags
  • Hreflang tags: get indexed on search engines in all languages
  • Auto-redirects: automatically manage redirects between translated pages
You can use Linguana in the browser and it will automatically sync your pages. No Chrome extension required!
If you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch with our customer support on this email address. The team will respond to you in a couple of hours so you can continue translating your website with Linguana with ease.